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Radon Testing - Water Potability Testing - Water Flow Rate Testing


Radon Testing 

Radon Gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. The gas comes from the natural decomposition of the soil and rock in the earth. It enters the home through cracks/openings in the foundation. It varies with the location of the home. 

A test sample of air is taken in the basement for 48 hours and brought to a local lab for Radon in Air Results. The results are usually known within 2 days and emailed to you.


Water Potabilty and Water Flow Testing

• Water Flow Test -  This recomended for any home with a private well. The water in run for a minimum of 1 hour with a flow of 3 - 5 gallons a minute. This ensures that the well will not run dry.

The test is done during the inspection.


House, Radon Testing in Fitchburg, MA

• Water Potabilty Test - This is recommended for any home with a private well. A sample of the water is taken usually from the kitchen sink.

The sample is taken to a local lab and a Comprehesive Scan of the water is taken. This shows the General Bateria, General Chemisty, Radon Content and Organic Analysis of the water. The results are known usually within 2 days and emailed to you.